Electronic Cigarettes Are Much Safer Than Regular Cigarettes

Quitting smoking is so difficult for many people, so much so that a lot of them never end up quitting. Aside from all the nicotine replacement products, medications with side effects and other tools to help a person quit smoking, there are now electronic cigarettes.

While these products are still relatively new, studies are being conducted on them. Furthermore, you have to understand that not all brands and types of electronic cigarettes are going to be the same, just like with regular cigarettes. Studies are showing early on that electronic cigarettes can be much safer than smoking regular cigarettes.

If you start to read an article about “there is insufficient data” about the safety of electronic cigarettes, discount that article. The fact is these products have been out long enough now for individual findings to hold merit. You need to read about the findings and about specific brands, not an article bashing electronic cigarettes in general.

On the flip side of things, you don’t want to necessarily finding yourself whole-heartedly agreeing and getting caught up in a particular company’s aggressive advertising either. It’s best to see what unbiased review and research sites say about specific products. Assessing the particular pros and cons is going to help you pick a product.

Would you want to smoke anything without knowing the ingredients? First, electronic cigarettes have much fewer ingredients than regular cigarettes. So, you’re holding a win in the cards, but you still need to look at what specific ingredients are in the electronic cigarette you want to smoke. They are different from product to product.

If you find it difficult to locate information about a certain lesser-known product, forget about that one and move on to the next. Look for the ones that make their information available, and also for ones that studies have been linked to already.

A national regulatory body has not universally made electronic cigarettes widely-accepted as “healthy.” But, this does not mean that clinical results and studies are not out there. Furthermore, a national regulatory body has indeed deemed cigarettes unhealthy years ago.

So what should this mean? This means that anyone struggling with quitting cigarettes should take a hard look at the clinical results and studies. Remember that it’s not just key to evaluate findings on whether or not they help with smoking cessation, but also to determine whether they are safer than smoking cigarettes.